Strategic Success

The daily news about economy and politics, reports of business outlook, statistics, presentation of company results etc. become interpreted by institutional and private investors and cited as decision factors for investments.

With this immense flood of information it easily becomes forgotten that fundamental outlook can change dramatically from one second to the other. The only truth at the markets is the price of the instruments and their development.

The success of TrendCycles is based on a mathematical trading pattern, without the influence of information, opinions and human emotions.

TrendCycles manages your account on the basis of positive performance

Therefore we do not find ourselves in the conflict of interest, being obliged to generate trading volume for self financing. Since our remuneration is success-referred, it is our only maxim to develop and increase your fortune.

The Compound Interest Effect

The impact of compounded interest is of central importance in a long-term investment. Assuming an average growth of 19 % p.a. the value of an investor account doubles every 4 years, without ever raising the risk factor in relation to the account size.

TrendCycles offers

experience in system trading since 1986

approved long term performance

24 h risk management

1:1 institutional trading conditions with narrow spreads

liquidity at any time

real time access to your account